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The Prothero Spektrum

Performance is Law 

Welcome to Drakken Technologies 

The all-new Drakken Prothero Spektrum is a revolutionary step towards the future of Mechanical Keyboards.


The first keyboard to incorporate illumination control simultaneously via desktop software & the physical keyboard for your convenience.







The Prothero also features hot-swappable switch bracketing, giving you total freedom to customize the entire keyboard to your unique specifications

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Drakken Technologies is a manufacturer of computer peripheral devices and Mechanical Keyboards that are highly compatible with Windows and functional with Mac OS and Linux.  We are located in Los Angeles, California.

For those of you who are unaware of the benefits of mechanical keyboards, Let's have a look at what is a mechanical keyboard and how it can improve your overall experience of online gaming and general computer use.

Mechanical Gaming keyboard

A mechanical gaming keyboard is built with high quality, spring-activated key switches that, in comparison with the regular keyboards, are typically more sensitive to the touch and allow significantly higher response times.

The Prothero hot-swappable mechanical gaming keyboard comes with the advantage of easily removable keycaps and switches, allowing complete customization, ease of cleaning, and repair.

What makes our products different from others?

Switches used on the keyboard

A Mechanical keyboard uses a combination of different types of switches which include linear with constant resistance, tactile with a non-audible bump, and Clicky with an audible click.

Clicky mechanical switches are perfect for gamers and those who are intensive typers.

Linear (Silent) mechanical switches are perfect for intense, fast-paced gaming.

The tactile mechanical switches are a balance between linear and clicky switches in terms of the sound levels and feedback that they provide.


Backlighting helps users to type in the dark and in low-lit environments. The ProtheroSpektrum keyboard comes very bright RGB backlighting that you can easily customize. This includes both color/brightness adjustment via using the specific keys/dial on the keyboard itself or using our Impulse Software to specifically assign colors to individual keys.

Multimedia keys, and shortcuts

One of the useful features of these programmable gaming keyboards is its multimedia keys.  The ProtheroSpektrum provides you with a set of buttons that are used to control the audio output. These keys, as well as the dial, are also used to turn the lighting mode on and off making life easier and more productive.

Ergonomic Wrist Design

Wrist design provides you with a more natural angle for your hands and wrists while using the keyboard. It reduces the strain on your wrists making your whole experience of using this PC gaming keyboard more comfortable. This design allows you to use our keyboard for longer durations without the typical wrist strain.

Why choose a mechanical keyboard

These professional gaming keyboards raise the bar in every way, bringing out the more superior features when compared to a rubber dome keyboard.

Some of its features include the keyboard's high-quality switches, solid structure, immensely customizable functionality,  key construction, advanced PCB board, LED lighting, and a slew of other features that are far superior to the standard rubber dome keyboards.

A typical mechanical keyboard has a longer lifespan in comparison with the dome-switch keyboards. Our keys have a lifespan of 100 million clicks per switch.

IF you are planning to buy this product then you can easily get it from Amazon or place an order directly from our website at


Physical Dial to Manually Adjust LED Lighting

Rigid Construction, Using Highest Quality Materials and Components



Kailh Switches


Available in Blue, Black, or Brown



Software to fully Customize Lighting, Over 16 Million Color Schemes

Complete Anti-ghosting, Removable Switches

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